Trilea Partners

 Our Approach
  • Trilea Targets companies with sales of up to $100 million:
    • Branded Consumer Products
    • Multi-Channel Retailers
    • Media and Entertainment
    • E-Commerce
  • Our extensive operations experience allows us to seamlessly step into our client's business and perform day-to-day activities as needed
  • Our deep industry contact base allows us to source qualified candidates at the C-level avoiding substantial retained search expense
  • We have experience working across a broad spectrum of companies from start-ups to multi-nationals which allows us to deliver the right solution for the company's current growth stage
  • We have a network of financial sources that we can deliver to our clients when a financing need arises

The Trilea Advantage

Trilea Strategic Advisors (TSA)

Trilea Capital Partners (TCP)

Our Approach

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