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Trilea Capital Partners (TCP) is a fund-less sponsor that sources investment opportunities through its base of clients and from its affiliate network.  In a typical transaction, TCP funds approximately 10% of any transaction from its partner's capital and syndicates the remainder to one or more of its financial sources.  Our guiding investment criteria can be summarized as follows:

"TCP looks for well positioned concepts within their competitive universe.  We seek growth companies with favorable long term margin characteristics.  Turnarounds are attractive if there is a key operating or strategic component missing that TCP can deliver."

        Typical Deal

  • Invest $5-$25 million per transaction
  • Targeted minimum stake of 15% in any investment
  • Company Criteria
    - Strong Management
    - Proven Business Model
    - “Reason for being” satisfies a specific demand
    - Appealing Growth Potential
  • Committed to long term holding period

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